Enterprise: Tapping Into The Future – A Date To Remember

As part of my Enterprise module for my TV Production MA, I was asked to think of an entrepreneurial idea I would like to explore.  My initial idea is a continuation of an existing information source that I spend a lot of time, effort and insider knowledge to collate on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.  As part of a Television website I own insidemediatrack.com, I have a page titled: ‘SetSpy‘ – containing both upcoming airdates for TV as well as what is currently in production and where.  It’s by far the most popular page on my website, visited daily and tweeted on social media regularly.

Although other websites do have some airdates listed in advance, they are few and many do not update them regularly, reveal when and where they’re filming, or before traditional magazines (such as Radio Times) release their listings.  I would like to take my idea and create a paid app that would continue my work using my knowledge about TV and production whilst opening up an opportunity to create an income and a reputable source brand in which to build upon.


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