Enterprise: Assignment 1 Pitch & Video

Enterprise Assessment_ SetSpy Pitch from Deborah Hunt on Vimeo.

The Pitch

Are you a fan of TV? Do you buy or search online for regular TV listings like Radio Times or TV & Satellite Magazine. Perhaps you even have apps like TV Guide? If so, SetSpy is perfect for you. SetSpy, will be a multi-platform resource that offers something no other online website does. SetSpy offers you the chance to find out in advance when TV shows are filming, where and when, links to programme information and casting and the dates they will be airing either on TV or online (e.g. BBC iPlayer, Netflix). The  idea grows upon an existing website called insidemediatrack.com that already has a social media following, over 70,000 views a month and links to the media pr’s and broadcast networks (BBC/ITV/C4/Sky etc).  A brief outline of the original idea can be seen here.

Is it for you?

SetSpy is perfect for the TV enthusiast or filming hunter. Fans can use the information to find out when thy may get a glimpse of their favourite actor/actress, or filming of their favourite show (who knows, it may even be near you!). Perhaps you just want to be the first to tell your friends when a show is returning, or you’ve found out your favourite actor is in a new project.

Amateur and professional photographers may like to take photos and potentially sell them on as exclusives. TV production companies that are used to information leaking on social media and to the press, may benefit by collaborating with us. This would enable the possibility of being ahead of the game We can provide info on the day’s shooting that you don’t mind photos and fans turning up, allowing for a chance of more privacy for the more spoilerish filming days.

Our competitors

Current competitors consist of magazines (and their online presence) like the Radio Times. The Radio Times and similar print magazines and websites generally only offer listings two weeks in advance and only provide sporadic information – mainly fan photos of filming about certain interest shows filming e.g. Doctor Who, SherlockThe Knowledge provide production information – aimed at professionals at a cost of £495 a year! So it’s not accessible to all and is extremely high cost. There are also other web-based sites like Geek Town who rely purely on listings released in the public domain, and speculation using previous shows’ history to try to calculate the likely return of TV show. Obviously, this is not possible with new series’ or one-off drama’s. They also don’t provide any information on filming.

What we can offer

The resource will be offered to you in two ways: As a paid subscription or a phone app for a small fee. Once paid, you will of course be able to access both platforms on various devices.  Our Market research shows that this is a niche idea, no other resource offers this kind of detailed information in a timely manner, with as much detail and for such a low cost. At SetSpy we have filming information up to a year in advance and airdates up to two months prior to broadcast. With access to broadcast industry specialists and information, pr companies and publicists you can be assured that what you are paying for is reliable, efficient from official channels and a reliable brand website that has had an online presence for six years with a reliable trusted network.  This is also an important personal interest of mine and something I spend a lot of my time researching and updating, as well as being enjoyable which means you can be guaranteed this is an idea that is thoroughly thought through and executed.

Guaranteeing success?

This idea has taken a lot of research and planning, add to that the monetary aspect, it was important to thoroughly consider all the options and use different resources to research. Some of the methods I have used to explore this idea is using  the Osterwalder and Pigneur (2010) ‘Business Model Canvas‘, to establish my value propositions, who my customers are and my key activities and resources. I also found ‘Disney’s Imagineering’ method helpful by imagining  my entrepreneurial idea from the aspect of a Dreamer, a Realist and a Critic.




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